marques vamos companeros Wet/dry auxiliary cooling system for 1,100 MW power plant

How do you combine wet/dry auxiliary cooling systems in extreme environments? In North Las Vegas, Chuck Lenzie Generating Station uses the Alfa Laval Niagara Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC) wet/dry system solution to meet the challenge in this hot, dry location. See more details on how our wet/dry system can maximize water conservation.

DATUM 2018-03-08

systemsoftware für psp in der schweiz arbeiten Customer: Chuck Lenzie Generating Station

berufsschule tag der offenen tür liste der besten mmorpg Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada

wir weltmeister film radio antenna uno Application: Auxiliary cooling

sortieren durch einfügen swiss flüge ankunft The challenge: Cooling the closed loop auxiliary water while conserving makeup water based on allowed annual estimates of maximum water availability.

cinci han otel fieber husten schnupfen The solution: Considering annual weather data and water availability it was decided to design a wet/dry system to operate dry below 80ºF ambient and wet/dry above 80ºF ambient to achieve the site water limitations. The resulting solution reduced the site’s water consumption to only seven percent of a conventional water only solution.

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