humax receiver bedienungsanleitung The new Alfa Laval AQUA Blue S-type generates fresh water using almost 70% less power

große kölner kg When it was introduced in 2008, Alfa Laval’s AQUA freshwater generation technology cut seawater needs and pump-related power consumption in half. With today’s AQUA Blue S-type, the need for electrical power is further reduced – to just one-third that of conventional freshwater generators.

DATUM 2018-03-08

erfahrung vhv hausrat The new AQUA Blue S-type uses the same 3-in-1 AQUA plate technology as the original C-type configuration. But it maximizes energy efficiency and capacity-to-footprint ratio by making use of the vessel’s existing seawater cooling system pumps. This cuts electrical power needs by 70% compared to conventional freshwater generators, and it shrinks the already small AQUA Blue footprint by up to 15%.

harald philipp flow “AQUA freshwater generation technology revolutionized energy use in a very well-established application,” says Alex Jönsson, Global Business Manager for Alfa Laval freshwater generators. “With the AQUA Blue S-type, we further reduce the energy-related costs for ship owners – as well as the installation costs for shipyards.”

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Greater installation flexibility

magazin fritz essen Besides its smaller footprint, the AQUA Blue S-type offers shipyards a considerable amount of new flexibility, including a range of connection alternatives. Because it makes use of the vessel’s seawater cooling system pumps, it employs a smaller ejector and a smaller, separately installed ejector pump. Likewise, the pipework can be both shorter and smaller in diameter.

erfahrung mrs sporty nürnberg In addition, the S-type handles a wider span of pressures, which means the configuration can be adapted to the highest or lowest water level. An adapted configuration is able to deal with higher pressure in the overboard line, which allows the freshwater generator to be placed more freely on board.

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Always the right freshwater generator option

willlkommme bei facebook Having the choice between an S-type or C-type configuration of AQUA Blue ensures an ideal match for ship owner and shipyard priorities. The AQUA Blue C-type, which has a combined cooling water and ejector flow, has a single seawater connection to the vessel’s sea chest. This makes it independent of other equipment and conditions in the vessel’s seawater cooling system.

haus wiesengrund hallenberg “Whichever configuration customers choose, they will receive a truly robust solution,” says Jönsson. “AQUA Blue is designed not only for energy and footprint savings, but also to last the lifetime of the vessel.”

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